DwarfCraft Pixeltrain
... yet another pointless pixel-project

This time, when the madness of excessive pixel art creating went over bukKkk, he and some other guys had the idea to make another pixel-carpet. Since Pixel-Citys are real worn out and Pixel-Spaceships won't serve someone like me, who hates sidescroll shooters, I decided to make a pixeltrain. Making the first piece and the example took more than 10 hours and I'm not a pixel-artist at all, but i hope that this train gets as long and beautyful as my... *cough* ...gets long :)

Who can take part?
Everyone is invited to help the train growing. As long as your pic shows at least some amount of skill, isn't anti-aliased, doesn't contain anything forbidden by german law (so they cut my domain), and doesn't fuck up the pattern, there's nothing standing in your way. Nudity and Violence are welcome aswell.

How can I take part?
Simple. Just download one of our blank and boring wagons, invest some time to turn him into a real hottie and give him a new look and home.
You can download the PSD file (150 kb) here and if you're unable to use Photoshop-format
You can get the Wagon as GIF file (8 kb) right here.
When your work is done E-Mail your hot piece to b@sikkkkness.de and wait for it beeing upped (or rejected if you fucked it up too bad).

Now gimme' the fucking Train!
...here it comes

click here to scroll stuff from right to left (recommented)

All Images Copyright to the dudes that made them!